What I’ve Grown Sick of by the End of 2022

2 min readDec 25, 2022
I’m Sure Any Way You Did it is Fine by Alex Katz
  1. Buying or owning more than one of anything in the same category. Overall, I am truly sick of feeling excited over the new products brands keep pushing out.
  2. Not having enough social energy to connect deeper with people I truly adore and want to know more about. Perhaps I am an introvert; after taking care of all the essential cooperation and communication to support work, I’m only nothing much.
  3. Seeing how people work so hard just to get into debt to own bigger things, or associating self-worth with the car that they drive, the bag that they carry.
  4. Decolonization not being a top priority in arts and cultures. Kids learn all about piano, guitar, cello, etc., but not lute, hand drum, or bamboo flute.
  5. Sprouting of small e-commerce businesses — the anxiety I feel from it mostly comes from overpackaging, and the fact that a lot of energy is being created into crafting new false “needs.”
  6. Feeling guilty about taking a social media break even when life offline gets reasonably overwhelming.
  7. The lack of genuine content populating the online world nowadays. So much of the content that we read nowadays is either written by AI or by hustling copywriters who do not have the best expertise in making claims the way they do. It’s irony how copywriters or writers alike are expected to simplify, hook, and trick readers. Having a writing formula is king nowadays. The beauty of writing and storytelling seem like a lost art.
  8. Constantly at the crossroads of “reaching potential and ambitions” versus “enjoying the simplicity of life and letting flow.”
  9. Ghosting culture — I ghosted because I didn’t know how to reject people and because I had been rejected in the same way.
  10. The fact that….we can no longer quietly do things and still have similar opportunities coming through.