Plastic Depression

I am diagnosed with plastic depression after seeing banana wrapped in plastic for sale.

  • Small items like lipstick cases or under a 6-ounce package size will get screened out or caught in the disposal stream for the facility that sort recycling. Since these machines are automated with optical and physical sorter machines. Little containers like lipstick tubes can get missed by sorting machines and thrown into the trash — and back into a landfill. Imagining a rough figure on the amount of lipsticks Kylie Jenner had sold and will be selling, and looking at how many young female entrepreneurs are venturing into the lipstick market. I need stronger pills.
  • In terms of recycling, the color of the container matters. Optical sorters do not recognize black plastic; only glass, clear, brown, and green are preferred for recycling programs. The odd-colored glass is more problematic to recycle.
  • Pouches and squeezable tubes usually can’t be recycled because these packaging are multilayer or multimaterial in format. That means that there is a coating or film in the inside the package or the object is made up of different types of plastic. Certain flexible pouches (like resealable pouches with face masks) and toothpaste tubes are considered multilayer and should be thrown in the trash unless the package explicitly states that you can recycle it. Great.
  • Pumps and droppers are also red flag in recycling. These are multimaterial. A solo cap often is too small to go through the sorting system and will end up in the trash.
  • On top of all these no-no’s, most people do not know that they have to rinse out content before putting it in recycling, This matters significantly, and often determine if it will ever, get recycled at all.



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