How to Maximize Earning Capacity as a Freelancer

9 min readJan 5, 2020
Two of us digital nomading in India

There is no simple way to summarize how we could survive well and travel to places whenever we want to in life without going to an office 9–5 everyday, investing into a passive income source or owning a lucrative business. If it has to be summarized into one sentence, it could be “We put in a lot of grunt work everyday, supported by optimism and an unbeatable desire to live as freed and independent as we can be.” Personally, my success story is mostly skill-based which I understand that relevancy might not be high. I’m bringing in some insights from my high school best friend with a similar story to mine who might be more related to the general population. Her success story is non-skill-based. Here’s some background you might need to know before diving into our work model:

About myself:

Education Background: Dual degrees in PR & Advertising with a minor in Film Studies, and Environmental Studies with a minor in Sustainability (USA), Master in Sustainability Development Practices (Malaysia).

Work Experience: Extremely minimal mainly due to my inability to show up to necessary commitment. I habitually skipped classes all my life (no joke, since kindergarten!) and that extended into the conventional workplace.

Skills: Writing, speed learning + reading, photography, basic website design

Reason for freelancing: I love taking my own time into my very own hand, I believe I can manage it much better than any workplace designed to be.

Mode of freelancing: My income sources are generated from writing and photography. I don’t use any website to land clients. My work are mainly words of mouth, referral basis.

Maximum income earned in a month: RM41k

Maximum hours worked in a day: 23 hours

Average working hours: 7-12 hours

About her:

Education Background: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Environmental Engineering (Malaysia), Master in Sustainable Construction (China).

Work Experience: 1 year as a structural engineer in Singapore.

Skills: Speed learning (she can pick up Python within a day and nail it), highly productive